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Jesus said: “You are the salt of the world.” Matthew 5:13


SALT is the name for our Missionary Agencies Support Group.


Why SALT?  Because SALT has all the properties of the purposes in this group.


  • SALT sustains and preserves life. It ensures that food will be available long into the future, that what we have now can be maintained for the future.

  • SALT heals. It brings about a healing process where there is infection and it soothes wounds.

  • SALT sanitises. It makes clean that which has caused infection. It provides a healthy environment where disease (dis-ease) cannot exist.

  • SALT adds interest and taste. It brings out the best in whatever it comes into contact with.

  • SALT thaws. It breaks down ice and coldness that prevent a smooth path forward; paths that keep us connected with others.

  • SALT is what Jesus calls us to be for the world.


    Our SALT group has three important functions in the parish, namely

  1. to raise awareness of missionary agencies

  2. to pray for them

  3. to raise funds to support them


    As an Anglican parish, our emphasis should be to promote and support Anglican Mission Agencies and our agenda is guided by the Anglican Board of Mission’s Five Marks of Mission (reproduced below).


ABM grounds all of its work in one or more of the Marks of Mission.

  1. Witness to Christ's saving, forgiving and reconciling love for all people

  2. Build welcoming, transforming communities of faith

  3. Stand in solidarity with the poor and needy

  4. Challenge violence, injustice and oppression, and work for peace and reconciliation

  5. Protect, care for and renew life on our planet

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