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Weddings at St Peter's

Getting married? Congratulations! This special time in your life is an important one as you prepare to take this big step together. We would love to help you to explore the possibility of getting married in our church. Christian marriage means that you are inviting God to bless your union and be involved in your relationship, strengthening and encouraging you as you continue to grow together in love and faithfulness.
While there are so many things to think of and prepare for in order to make your special day run smoothly, we encourage you to take the time to reflect on what marriage is and we are here to help you to make the best start that you can on this new journey as a couple. We provide a qualified relationship counsellor to work with you as a couple to explore and celebrate your strengths and to help you work on skills like communication and shared values, that will assist you during the tougher times of life that we all go through.
We offer the Anglican Marriage Service, but are happy to personalise this so that it has the most meaning for you. Your Wedding Service can be formal or casual, depending on your choices.  Our beautiful historic church (dating back to 1861) looks stunning on the day and in your photos.
If you would like to discuss getting married in our church, please contact us.
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