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With our sincere thanks to the Rev'd Dr Tim Watson and Holy Cross Hackett for making their resources available.
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Do you need some spiritual refreshment? Have the wells run a bit dry during this COVID season and your normal spiritual refreshment becomes a little more difficult to access? May I suggest you join me and many others, in an on-line Ignatian Retreat led by a friend of mine, Rev Dr Tim Watson.  Tim is a member of the Anglican Renewal Network  (ARNA) Working Group, and I have been enriched through his spiritual expression and our conversations.  If you are not familiar with the format of an Ignatian Retreat please look at the link below and register for yourselves in a new experience of growing in God. 


And all from the comfort and safety of your prayer-chair at home, and a time convenient to you. 


A “Retreat in Daily Life” gives you a special opportunity to draw closer to God in your personal prayer at home, by following a set pattern of prayerful meditations on Scripture passages over several days. It’s ideally suited for our current lockdown! Our “Retreat in Daily Life” will be drawing on the wisdom of Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of Ignatian spirituality.


All you’ll need to take part is a quiet corner, a Bible, and a notebook … and the desire to deepen your relationship with God and discover the call of Christ for your life.


The programme is as follows:

·       Sunday 5 September, 2:00pm (optional): a Zoom meeting for participants to begin the retreat together in prayer

·       Monday 6 September – Saturday 11 September:

o   six talks posted daily on this page, for you to watch in your own time

o   six 30 minute prayer exercises (introduced at the end of the daily talk), for you to do in your own time

o   a short prayer exercise (the “Examen”) to do at the end of each day

·       Sunday 12 September, 2:00pm (optional): a Zoom meeting for participants to share their retreat experiences and end in prayer together

Introductory Resources

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#1 Praying with a Bible Passage




#2 Praying the Ignatian Examen




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