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Moms and Babies

Our society has changed over the past 20+ years, which has brought with it many working parents and expensive childcare.  We are seeing more and more  Grand-parents now caring for their Grandchildren while parents go off to work.  We, therefore provide a specific Play Group to meet the needs of Grandparents filling the 'gaps' and caring for grandchildren.

GAPs (Grandparents At Play) meet each week during school terms; Mondays, 10:00am - 12:00pm, in our special purpose-built child friendly area which we call 'The Barn'.

This is a great opportunity for structured play, age-appropriate activities and fund for the children and plenty of time for social interaction for the adults.

Cost is only $5 per family, plus a piece of fruit for each child.

For registration details or further information, please contact us.

We take
child safety seriously

Every  member  of our children's ministry team has undergone child safety training and has a current Working with Children Card and Police Check. We have strict child safe policies and procedures in place so that you can rest easy that your children are in safe hands.

'Kingdom Kids'

Sunday mornings at 10:30am, our Contemporary Service takes place in our hall. Children start off in church with the adults and then withdraw to a nearby area for a specific age-appropriate lesson and activity on the theme of the day. While the adults listen to the Readings and sermon, our little ones are learning and having fun nearby. They then come back into the hall to join us for the Communion part of the Service. Like to know more? Please feel free to come along and join us  or you may prefer to contact us.